Merlin fanfic - It's Time to Begin - Paperlegends Bigbang - Merlin/Arthur

Fic title: It's Time to Begin
Author name: murderdetective
Artist name: xcuri0sity
Beta: omg_wtf_yeah and kay_greatness
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, light Morgana/Gwen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~

“And you think it wise to force them together?” Gaius probed quietly turning to look at Nimueh.

“Yes I do. They have to work together. They are two sides of the same coin as that dragon keeps saying.” Nimueh said, “He looks like his mother.”

Gaius hmm’d quietly in agreement, “Without the other they are but half of a whole.”

Link to art: tumblr master post
notes: This is for the awesome bigbang paperlegends. Which is awesome... and unfortunately the last year! :( This was a challenge for me to complete; because I procrastinate. Horribly.... But it's complete! Woooooo! And my fabulous artist, xcuri0sity, was fantastic, and worked primarily from a outline/rough draft. I am literally finishing this posting day, and my betas are working on it. But I've done it! Thank you muppet for putting it together again this year!

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three |

Artist note: ahhhhhh. very first paperlegends & it was a wonderful experience. Must give a huge thank you to the_muppet for organizing all of this, i can't imagine how difficult and long this must have taken so all the love & hugs! All the hugs and thanks as well to ragless for being a wonderful guide to all of this. thank you for cheering me on and keeping me on track of things in our random conversations. you're amazing strength! & good luck with your art & story as well <3 can't wait to see it all.
& last but not least - i want to thank murderdetective for creating and writing such an amazing story & letting me create this fan mix for it. i realize it is not much when it comes to the visual aspect of art for this story so i truly hope that this will do the story justice. thank you for such an awesome time.

bigbang art - merlin/arthur - for colorwheel!

Title: We Could Be Something
Artist: murderdetective
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG for art
Warnings: None
Summary: One video and one fanmix
Artist's notes: That was a ton of work! But super fun! Love on a Wire, which is linked here, and at the bottom of this post, is AWESOME! I enjoyed it immensely. colorwheel was fantastic, and you should read her work and comment!
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

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Love On A Wire

fanart - SGA Reversebang Art

Title (of art): The Adventures of the Mysterious Creature
Artist: murderdetective
Rating (for art): G
Pairing(s) (for art): John/Rodney


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Title (of fic): London Mystery
Author: goddess47
Rating (for art): R (for swears)
Pairing: Gen but includes John/Rodney
Warnings: None
Summary: As part of a deal between the SGC and the British IOA representative to return Atlantis to Pegasus, SGA-1 is sent on a mysterious mission to Great Britain. Mystery turns to confusion and then mayhem before all is over.

Fic on AO3